About Me

It All Started With Hobbies....

August 2016, on a weekend I went out with my friends to a hill station for a beautiful Sunrise view. We were having a nice campfire around 5am, chats, gossips, snacks & lot of fun was going on, and suddenly, one of my friend asked this question to everyone: "So guys, what are your hobbies...?" Daaahhhh....!! Fortunately, answers from others were like Gyming, Reading, Travelling, Bla Bla Bla....  And when my turn came, I replied- "Nothing, I just surf online, watch some movies or seasons. That's it, period."

Got The Kick That I Needed

Everyone started laughing at me, since I had No Hobby as such. They were like Dude....you need a hobby... I felt very embarrassed and frustrated from inside, of-course even you would have felt the same. And the sunrise was no longer beautiful anymore for me since I was constantly thinking about the Hobby part. Next day morning I came back home, freshen up, ate some food(since anger burnt my lot of calories) and I sat with a Pencil-Paper to note down the list of possible hobbies I could opt for. And there it was, my long list of possible hobbies, now it was just the matter of selecting one. Seems easy, right? NO.

Hobby Selection By Elimination 😉

After the list was ready, I got so confused that what to opt for. Finally I thought let me go by elimination method, and the one which will left behind I'll go for the same. I found that many Hobbies had some or the other dependencies like, swimming needs pool around you, money for travelling, music instruments for becoming a musician, for playing some outdoor sports you need to go to that venue, etc. Hence, anyways I had to start from the scratch, so I thought let me start something with basic low cost, easy to get items. And there were 2 hobbies left: Reading a book and Sketching/Painting. Books- lol no...I can't read, simple. So, sketching-painting was the only option to go for.

My First Sketch...!!

Wow... I can't describe my feelings and emotions here. What a amazing feeling it was after completing my first sketch! No matter how it looks and how you think about it, but that was a surreal experience for me. I started becoming very much obsessed with it, that I used to spent nights after nights for practicing it and improving my skills. My friends who were laughing at me on that hill station, are now requesting me to sketch their portraits. After two years, in 2018, I started doing oil paintings, another level of peace for me.

And this is how it started, the never ending journey of being an Artist...!! Do checkout my Paintings and Sketches...:)