If It’s Not Nude, It’s Not An Art – Oil Painting

Surface: Canvas Sheet
Size: 12"H x 09"W
Medium: Oil Colors
Tools: Palette Knife & Paint Brush
Art: Abstract


"If it's not Nude, it's not an Art..!!" People have always fantasised about the nudity, in vary which ways, but yet can't confront in public. Similar mindset was there for former renowned Artists in past Era, but the difference that they made was public display.

Artists started painting & sculpturing nude images of Gods, angels and their loved ones. These were, although entered into huge controversy, but were treated as quite remarkable artwork during that era. Slowly and steadily society started accepting the nude artwork, but pointing fingers at the artist who created it.

Era passed, form of art changed, and so does the mentality of the society. Today's modern generation have started accepting exposed nudity, in almost every forms. Now people have a perception that if an artwork is not nude, it's no longer an piece of art. (Thank God, right..?)

And so does my first nude art comes to picture. It's nothing but a general fantasy for most men of women, more importantly- a perfect shaped women. This might sound rude, but it's the truth. Most of the men admires the beauty, but even more what they admire is 36x24x36 body shape. The perfect breasts, followed by the curving thin waist with big hips.

If you look closely at the painting image above, I haven't focused much on the face. Rather, the attention is kept to the curves of body, reflecting in the light with contrasting background brush strokes.

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