Red Señorita with Flowers – Oil Panting

Surface: Canvas Sheet
Size: 12"H x 09"W
Medium: Oil Colors
Tools: Palette Knife
Art: Abstract


My Señorita is waiting in the meadows of grassland, thinking of her long gone love's return. Autumn has begun, leaves are falling around her, gentle dry winds are blowing her tied bun hairs and sun is about to set down; but yet, the wait is not over.

The last memory that she cherishes is the goodbye kiss and the fresh flowers. The red dress was the anniversary gift, a soft velvet touch feeling of it makes his presence alive. She comes to this garden every evening, picks-up fresh flowers and stands at the gates from where his shadow was last seen.

And ohhh... God bless heaven.... That smile on her face with a hope, the wet shiny eyes but no tears, she blushes with the shyness tilting her head down and the fragrance of her body..... Yes, the clouds of jealousy are about to rain on the angels in the heaven.


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