The Full Moon

SIZE: 12″H X 16″W

A place far far away, in the dark universe, mystic, rough, shining and yet the best gift that mother Earth has got. I love the way it shines in the darkness, represents the cool n calm nature it itself.

I personally find it very enticing to paint the universe, moon, stars, galaxy and dark matter. Normally, painting the Universe is pretty easy- dark blue background, some shading of light blue color and throw some stars into it. But when it comes to painting the Moon, it has that very intense rough texture, those thin lines and greyish blending goes to canyons and mountains shading. Getting this texture and effect is bit difficult, you have to perform multiple iterations.

What I did was, first I created the background with dark-light blue and let it dry. Once dried, draw a circle in the centre and color it with off-white color. Once done, wipe it of with a tissue, this will leave that greyish effect behind. Then, I created the shapes with black, to give that canyon-rough circular effects; and remaining area with pure white color.

Once the above is done, let it dry. Then, take the brush and deep it into white color so that maximum amount of white stays on the brush. Keep the brush vertical and start tipping the white area, this will provide a 3-D effect and you’ll be almost done.

And last but not the least, Stars. Stars create a massive difference on such paintings, it just fills up that void space in the background and highlights the Moon with more shine. For stars, you can’t use the thick paint, you need to dilute the paint with either Turpentine or Linseed Oil. Once diluted, take any brush with hard and long bristles, deep it to the paint and start sprinkling with your finger.

Vola..!! You’re done. Do share the images if you’ve tried or if you need my help on my Insta: devangeloart

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