The Rising Ballerina – Oil Painting

Surface: Canvas Sheet
Size: 12″H x 09″W
Medium: Oil Colors
Tools: Paint Brush Size 6
Art: Abstract, Impasto


The main theme and idea, that I wanted to depict here was contrast between bright background and pure white centre. Moreover, it's an abstract piece but I tried to make it bit clear with Impasto. Just for your reference, Impasto is a technique where the brush strokes with high density of colors are visible on canvas, providing a high resolution texture, rather than creating a flat-thin layer painting.

The main bright colors for background are Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Red, whereas for the ballerina it's Titanium White. The brush strokes are marked upwards down, in a slanted position, which actually gives an impression of ballerina rising-up or jumping. Her skirt is created by palette knife strokes, which was bit difficult since background was still wet and it's colors were overlapping white.

Ballerina depicted here is very young, following her dreams of ballet by going against her family and society. She doesn't want to disclose her identity of who she is, and hence I tag her as Secret Superstar(yes, kinda like that Indian Bollywood movie).

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