Hairstyle Perspective Study



I think everyone has a certain perception in mind, for every object that comes across and gets converted into your mentality & behaviour. And whenever in future you see the same object, the same impression comes into your thoughts & your mind starts judging in the same way. Same perception, I'm trying to convey above in my sketch- my perception about my top 3 favourite hairstyles.

  1. Donut Bun: When I was growing up, the closest person to me was my Mother. And she used to have this hairstyle almost everyday. I think that's where my subconscious grabbed it and stored it somewhere deep inside. Whenever I see this hairstyle, I figure that person would be very Mature, Responsible and Self Conscious. I think it makes sense, because to make a bun, it requires effort and time, & definitely irresponsible won't do it anyway.
  2. Pony Style:  This one I realised when I was in school, don't remember the grade, but yes- she was my first crush...!! First day of the school post summer vacation, I was early that day, and she walked inside with her pony and pink little bag. As she passed by me, her hand lightly touched mine, that sweet fragrance coming from her and when I noticed her from back, it was that dark brown pony that was jumping as she kept stepping. Well, that was the day when I fell in love with her and pony too..!! So whenever I see a girl with pony, I start thing that even she'll be very Sporty, Energetic & Courageous; just like my fist crush was.
  3. Open Feathers: This is where everyone's fantasy starts, of Movie Actresses & Models, trust me- you and me are on the same page..;) Your first crush on an actress/model will be definitely with open feathers hairstyle, if not then you're a rare species..;) No matter whichever movie industry, entry of an actress will always cover her hairs in open feathers style- straight, bouncy and flying with wind. And yes, this made my 3rd fav hairstyle. Whenever I see the same, I get feeling that she'll be definitely a model, or at least she'll be very bold, extrovert and open in nature.

So, how bout yours?? Feel free to comment and reason behind it....:)


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