My Three Cutieteers



I’m always amazed whenever I see any cartoon or animated characters, as in how the creator thought of it? what was the idea that bought this character live? what defines it’s characteristics?

And one day, I was sitting and thinking what to sketch? Almost an hour passed but nothing came into my mind, and all of a sudden, this idea strikes me- how about creating some new cartoon characters.!! Sounds cool, right? But it’s not that easy, believe me…

I definitely took reference from online, to design my above three characters like- eyes, body shape, etc. But main part was to define their characteristics,  like what are their powers, what are they capable to do? Same is narrated below, figure wise starting from left-

  1. Abba: this guy is very smart, intellectual and has power to think deep for any problem’s solution. And whenever he thinks, the bubbles start popping out of his head, which is like he’s clearing his mind to think it through.
  2. Jabba: there’s always the naughty one in the pack, right? Well Jabba is very notorious guy, with power to chew out anything in the world. It could be any food item, raw material, plastic, metal, concrete, liquid, almost anything. Just imagine, one day he tried to chew his own horn and guess what, I don’t know how but he succeeded…;)
  3. Dabba: how cute is she no..!! She’s gifted with heart shaped ears and wings to fly; and her magical power is to hypnotise anyone. She just have to look deep into someone’s eye and that person will be slave of her. And she’s loves candies too..!!

So after creating this sketch, I realised that it’s actually not difficult to sketch your own character and create a story behind them. Main part is, you should be consistence with characters basic shapes and body features, no matter it could be animated, expression changes but not the basic structure.

So, grab a pencil and paper, design one of your own and feel free to share here…:)

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