Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat….



Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat;
What Are They Feeding You...?
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat;
It's not your fault...!

Who doesn't know these lines from popular TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S., sung by all favourite Phoebe Buffay. Well, as soon as I heard this song, I started imagining about the cat; like how the cat would be? And the picture that came to my mind is depicted in the above sketch.

The cat is definitely smelly, right? And thus none likes her, but at the same time she's adorable too.

P.S. I wish if I had one, but not the smelly one. Hell No...!!

The young girl, who's the owner of these cats, seems like she's forced to wear the the Cat Cap, and may be that's why cats are attracted to her. Her expressions clearly says- "Oh no, not again on my head..."

The background around the girl, is created by 4B pencil shaded with cotton. Whereas, other objects are blended couple of times with 2B-4B-6B graphite pencils and a blending stump. Final touching on hairs, eyes and cap is detailed using kneaded eraser, hence it gives a bit realistic effect.

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